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Myzox R-360 (REVO360) Prism

Image of Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism


Easily Repairable Structure
Each prism is independent and non-glued, meaning that it is easily repairable.
In case one prism cube is broken, it’s replaceable at minimum loss, not needing to replace the entire target.

Prism Size (Surface Area)
R-360 prism surface area is bigger than Leica GRZ101.
It means R-360 has higher light volume and can use longer range.


Height Offset:25.0 mm
Absolute constant: -4.40 mm
Leica constant: +30.00 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D):46x72x46 mm
Weight:120 g
Mount:6mm Thread


  • Surface area of R-360 is 208sqmm compared to the 165sqmm of the GRZ101.
  • It’s supposed to be a competitor prism to the Leica GRZ101.
  • The usable range is based on the Leica GRZ101 range.

Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism.

What is the prism constant for the Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism?

The absolute prism constant (true value) for the Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism is -4.4mm. The prism constant as defined for Leica instruments for Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism is 30.0mm. For a more detailed explanation on prism constants please see this article.

Can I use the Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism with a Leica instrument?

Yes, you can use the prism with a Leica instrument as long as you set up the correct prism constant in the instrument settings.

What is the prism constant value that I need to use with a Leica instrument?

In order to use the Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism with a Leica instrument you should use 30.0mm as the prism constant value.

What is the height offset of the Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism?

The Myzox REVO360 (R-360) Prism height offset is 25.0mm. This is measured from the mounting point to the centre of the prism.