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The terminology page aims to provide a comprehensive list of commonly used terms and abbreviations with a brief explanation of what each one means. These terms are defined based on a number of both online (e.g. Wikipedia and IOGP), and offline sources (books and other technical material).

Terminology List in Book

If you are interested in more in depth articles on a variety of Geomatics subjects have a look through articles on Geomatics.

If you cannot find a term you are after or think that there is a mistake in the terminology please get in touch and provide details of what needs to be added, amended or removed from the Geomatics Terminology.

Terminology FAQ

How accurate are the Geomatics terminology definitions?

This terminology is created based on a variety of sources and official definitions. Whilst the aim is to provide the most accurate information possible, some of these terms may have errors in their definitions. Some definitions might have slight variations based on the region they are used in.

How do I find a specific Geomatics related term?

You can search for a term via the list above. You can click on the letters to filter the list or simply search for the term you are interested in by using the search box above.
Terminology Sorting and Searching Example

Can I add a new item to the terminology page?

If you think that there is one or more Geomatics related terms that can be added to this list, feel free to get in touch and suggest them.

Some terms are unfamiliar or not related to Geomatics. Why is that?

Some terms are country specific and might not be popular or heard off outside some countries. However, the majority of terms will be commonly used world wide.

Can I reuse the content or link to it?

Of course, feel free to reuse any of the information in the Geomatics Terminology as needed. Attributions aren’t required but are welcomed.